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Traveler Journey


Do you want to stay in control of your work-life balance? Then, DCX Travel & Technology™ can help you create the journey you want. You can book everything from flights to bleisure vacations. Also, stay informed about country entry requirements and events taking place at your destination. It's like having an assistant who knows exactly what you want!  

In addition, our DCX Navigator Traveler Pass™ allows you to book unlimited travel for one flat fee, Travel as a Service subscription pricing.  And best of all, we'll help you get there faster than ever before with DCX 365 Travel Consultants, who are available to help you anywhere in the world at any time by video, chat, text, phone, or email.

With the state of the world in 2022, business travel can be a stressful affair with many unknowns. That's why our number one priority is to make sure we can be the one constant thing you can always turn to in your journey. 

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