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What is the Future of the Business Travel Industry? Lisa Simpkins CEO speaks to GBTA Puget Sound

On June 14th at the Woodhouse Winery in Woodinville, WA Lisa will share insights and knowledge of how the pandemic has exposed many gaps in our industry, further proving that collaboration between suppliers and buyers will be the key driver for innovation and transparency in building a sustainable future. She will also explore, why and how She and her Team built DCX Travel & Tech as a "Travel as a Service (TaaS)" company.

About Lisa:

Lisa has had a distinguished career in the travel industry and has a unique travel perspective from the buyer and supplier’s viewpoint.

As Founder and CEO of DealCaptains, Inc., also known as DCX Travel & Technology, Lisa has set out to build the next-gen business travel management company and a cloud-based open platform that allows travelers to plug-n-play the travel tools they want to use. First, trying her hand at entrepreneurship, Lisa created DealCaptains, a consulting group for VC/PE and angel investors that provides insight into making an informed investment in the travel space. Then Covid-19 hit, and the Travel & Tourism industry quickly changed. So, she collaborated with travel industry colleagues from across all verticals, both buyers and sellers, and together they created DCX Travel & Technology.

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