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The Healing Power of Travel Planning

In keeping with the vacation planning theme, since yesterday was National Vacation Planning Day, we look at the mental health benefits of planning travel.

The thought of being in our favorite places, relaxing or adventuring either alone or with others, conjures up daydreams filled with happiness. It is not just being away on a trip that is the best part but anticipating and planning it that provides a much-needed escape from our routines and burnout.

The MSN article below points out that there is a huge trend of burnout for workers including remote workers. Between the impacts of supply chain and staffing issues, many are working harder and longer increasing our stress levels. It can be difficult to find a balance between work and personal life, making it hard to unplug. The article indicates that three-quarters of American travelers are in a “ready to travel” state of mind based on recent data from Destinations Analysts.

The anticipation and excitement of choosing and planning a trip can allow us to change our focus from how stressed and exhausted we are to a fun activity that creates happiness. When we share our plans with others these connections contribute to our wellbeing creating a more positive outlook. Having something to look forward to has a powerful impact on our healing from tough times to help us break out of the burnout we may be experiencing.

Whether planning a vacation or just looking for a change of scenery of our remote office to blend into a weekend getaway, just planning and getting in a travel mindset provides mental health benefits.

Chase away burnout by planning a trip! Travel Well, My Friends!

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