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Next Gen Business Travel

The next generation of business travelers is looking for a seamless and efficient travel experience, with a focus on technology and connectivity. They want to be able to easily book and manage their travel plans, as well as have access to fast and reliable Wi-Fi and other technologies while on the go. They also place a high value on sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices. Additionally, they may also expect more flexibility in terms of work-life balance and the ability to work remotely.

The next generation of business travelers is likely to have different expectations and needs than previous generations. Some potential changes in expectations and needs include:

  • Increased emphasis on technology and connectivity: Business travelers may expect to have access to high-speed internet, reliable mobile connectivity, and a wide range of digital tools to help them stay productive while on the road.

  • Greater focus on wellness and sustainability: Business travelers may place more importance on staying healthy and reducing their environmental impact while traveling. This could include expectations for healthier food options, more opportunities for exercise and relaxation, and more sustainable travel practices.

  • More personalized and flexible travel experiences: Business travelers may expect more personalized and customized travel options, as well as more flexibility in terms of booking and itinerary changes.

  • Greater emphasis on safety and security: Business travelers may be increasingly concerned about safety and security, both in terms of personal safety and data privacy. Companies may need to provide more robust safety and security measures to meet these expectations.

Overall, the next generation of business travelers may be looking for more convenient, comfortable, and sustainable travel experiences that allow them to stay productive and connected while on the road.

Lisa Simpkins CEO of DCX Travel & Technology, January 18, 2023

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