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How to build a TMC for the future - Webinar

Lisa Simpkins Featured in a Webinar by Travel Operations May 25th

Join Travel Operations and Lisa Simpkins CEO for a 45 minutes’ focus on some of the hottest topics within Business Travel Management:

  • What is the business model of tomorrow’s TMC?

  • What will be the biggest challenges in the years to come?

  • What impact will a future-proof tech stack have on business performance?

Lisa Simpkins from US-based TMC DCX Travel & Technology will join us and give us her “5 cents” on the topics. She will share her experience from a Travel Agency that is fully modernized and prepared for the future. Who is the webinar for: The webinar is tailored for Business Travel Agencies that consider moving to modern technology. It is a unique opportunity to learn the do’s and don’ts from a peer! When: May 25 9AM PST / 10AM MST / 12PM EST. Note that a webinar recording is available immediately after the event, so feel free to sign up even if you can’t make the live event! Agenda:

  • The hottest topic in travel: How TMCs tap into the burning leisure market while business travel is slowly recovering

– What is happening to the classic divide between business and leisure travel? – How do classic TMCs approach this opportunity?

  • Learn from a peer: Lisa Simpkins shares her journey with DCX Travel & Technology

– What does tomorrow’s travel agency look like? – How DCX Travel & Technology is prepared for a world where employees have become a scarce resource – Learnings from going 100% cloud and digital – do’s and don’ts.

  • Working with a modern travel platform

– Examples of new business opportunities – How to get up and running in 10 business days – Pricing

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