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Dream Big but Start Small with Micro Habits

When we were young when asked, what do we want to be when we grow up, most would reply with being an astronaut, a doctor, a rockstar, or whatever our ultimate life goal was at that time. We dream big and set huge goals for ourselves but can be overwhelmed when realizing how to accomplish them. The trick according to the article below from the Harvard Business Journal is to start small. Tiny shifts in our daily routine are the way to change our behaviors needed to reach our goals. Even the smallest of changes to our daily routine can be extremely difficult. Choosing a “micro habit” as the article explains is something that will seem like it is not even worth doing but is the building block of changing our behavior to becoming second nature. It will not happen instantly and must be cultivated over time through the accomplishments of small goals. Even the smallest of changes to our routine will take time and consistent effort. The article shares great ideas for tracking with a “Yes List” and teaming up to create accountability.

We need to focus on a small new habit for a while without increasing too quickly which can lead to failure. How many of us hit the gym or set out on a new diet with hefty goals and restrictions only to find 2 weeks later we are back to our old habits? By starting small we create a habit that we don’t even have to think about, it just becomes part of our daily routine. With enough time performing these micro habits, we can accomplish our big goals whether it is to be more mindful, exercise more, learn to play an instrument, build a new business, or get a degree. Let’s create small habits to get us to our goals! Crumbs Make Bread! Until next week! Michelle

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