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Kindness is Contagious and Improves our Collective Wellbeing

How can acts of kindness affect our well-being? The Psychology Today article below explores the many ways a simple spontaneous act of kindness can promote feelings of gratitude, compassion, and empathy. When we help others, we become grateful for what we have as we empathize for those who do not. Our compassion and empathy help us to feel more connected, and less divided. This helps reduce feelings of isolation and depression. We feel a sense of community and belonging which is certainly needed at this time in our world.

Where do we start? What can we do? There are countless websites to explore ideas for how you can perform a random act of kindness. Some can cost money, but many do not, like leaving a thank you note for your mail carrier. For ideas visit Random Acts of at There are hundreds of ideas, or you can create your own. The Forbes article below recommends that we start small and to listen and watch for opportunities to express kindness. That means we are taking the focus off ourselves to recognize others need. We should be humble to offer help as unconditional with compassion, knowing we could be in their shoes someday.

Once we embrace kindness and have performed a spontaneous act of kindness, we should share our experiences as they are contagious. Just this week a saw a post on LinkedIn which shared such an experience with how good the person felt knowing he helped someone. By sharing and spreading the message a domino effect follows with others joining in continuing the pattern of kind acts. This is a great example of how we can feel connected and part of our community.

As we observe our companies, communities, and relationships, let’s make kindness a priority. Please also remember kindness when travelling as many companies are understaffed while under extreme pressure. Smile and say thank you when you can!

We cannot be happy without being kind, by giving and caring for each other, so let’s spread kindness!

Until next week #Bekind - Follow

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