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Q:      What is TaaS - Travel as a Service? 

A:      TaaS is a membership/subscription travel service model with a monthly or annual price. All travel services are included at no additional cost. Here are some of the benefits:

  • 100% membership fee-based corporate services contract.

  • Monthly subscription determined by number and type of users (DCX Navigator Traveler Pass)

  • 0% travel supplier revenue retained by the agency. We rebate any supplier commissions back to your program.

  • Maximum benefit directed to the client (travel savings, incentives, and rebates).

  • 100% transparent 

  • Geared to the users in that travel most.

  • Independent and transparent view of data and content (no play for placement)

  • Unlimited Online and Offline Travel bookings for the same price, Low touch to high touch services

Q:     How is it different than a per-transaction type of service?  

A:      In a per transaction service model, travelers are charged per ticket or booking. Additional cost can add up quickly because these models incur a transaction fee anytime a Travel Consultant touches a booking for changes, hotel or car only bookings, after-hours services, and more. In contrast, a TaaS model has everything included for one price. No additional transaction fees if you need to change your ticket. 

Q:     Why would I pay for your services when I am not traveling and don’t have to pay now with our current provider? 

A:     Compared to the per ticket transaction fee model, our monthly flat fee model saves companies 45% over the old transaction model. Some companies paid up to $75 per traveler for one trip + changes when adding up the transaction fees. They add up quickly. Our subscription model does not charge additional fees for changes, after-hours traveler support, or cancelations. 


A:    All DCX Traveler Pass membership includes our DCX Traveler Cloud access. Access to the Traveler Cloud allows you to plan for travel compare costs, research locations, and safety protocols. Your time spent planning a trip can be done anytime, anywhere, and multiple trips for one flat fee per traveler per month.  


Q:      What if I don’t know what my traveler personas are? 

A:     Knowing who your travelers are, how often they travel, and why will help us right-size the travel services they need.  


Q:      Why do I need to commit to a monthly minimum if I only have travelers who travel a couple of times a year? 

A:     No, we have a per-trip fee model for those “occasional” travelers. It’s excellent for project-based travel, relocation, and recruiting travel projects.  


Q:      What happens if a traveler is no longer with the company? 

A:     We are happy to cancel memberships with a 30-day notice, or you can substitute with a new traveler. Travel Passes are non-refundable and can be re-assigned to another traveler.  

Q:      Can I cancel my DCX Navigator Pass subscription? 


A:      You are eligible for a refund if you cancel before the first 90 days of your subscription and have not completed a booking (i.e., booked any travel services). If you cancel after 90 days or have already completed a booking, you will not be refunded and will continue to access the DCX Traveler Cloud until the end of your current term.

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