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Where Business Travel Meets Mobility

Mo·bil·i·ty: the ability to move or be moved freely and easily. 

DCX Travel - Cytric Easy - Microsoft partners

Business Travel Made Easy

DCX Easy!

A fully immersive experience in the modern workplace
thanks to the use of 
travel and expense data across the Microsoft ecosystem.

So you can focus on the trip experience and not the trip logistics.

We believe that business travel should be easy, convenient,
and most importantly, fun!

Your one-stop shop
The latest innovative travel technology!
We make booking and managing your business travel a breeze by creating
a traveler-centric approach that puts the traveler's comfort and convenience first.

AI empowers the right collaboration

Based on ROI, company policy, total trip cost, CO2, and alternative options

Travel, pay & expense all in your workspace

Revolutionizing the user experience & productivity

Intelligent push notifications

Getting relevant information through all the steps at the right time

Easy Activation

Securing users adoption & acceleration time-to-market

Full service travel service

High touch to low touch ensuring the best traveler service experience on and offline

Smart collaboration

Optimizing time and enableing delightful travel experiences

Personalized Travel Options

Combining personal and business data to match your travel preferences

Smart Insights

Providing recommendations, spend analytics, & trip ROI

DCX Travel & Technology is a woman-owned, cloud-based business travel management company created to change the archaic model of how businesses book, manage, and pay for business travel without sacrificing service or technology!

Yes, you really can have it all, with DCX Travel & Technology!

What are People saying?

“It's just different, it's embedded itself in the environment of the company and it's really easy"

Lisa helped us create an amazing traveler program that was unique to our culture and needs, she nailed it!

-Netflix Talent Operations Team

“It is easy to implement, and it is very easy for the travelers to start a booking from Teams.” 

"DCX Travel team really took care of all the details for our customers. Thank you!"

"DCX started with a clear vision: to create a

transparent, traveler-centric travel management company, focused on driving innovation in the marketplace. "     

-  Cytric by Amadeus

"This is just fantastic; we want it as soon as possible.“

"We renewed our contract, without hesitation! They really are a different kind of TMC."

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